You and I, darling

You and I, darling; ought to be explicit with each other.

Silence is ambiguous, darling; and it will be obnoxious in our affair.

If we’re vulnerable enough to be naked with each other, darling; we should be vulnerable enough to express our feelings to each other, darling.

For ours is…

All you need to know about the keto smart guide

What is Keto Smart Guide?

Keto Smart is a comprehensive and reliable guide to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. It enables you to tap into the fat-burning potential of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle to help you lose weight and fat.

The Keto Smart software will assist you in achieving rapid ketosis in your…


Do you want to learn more about the Keto Fit Today program and whether or not this adaptable Keto platform is really the easiest and quickest path to Keto weight loss success? …

Individual Dietary Programs

Proper nutrition implies adherence to a variety of important factors — from the choice of products and methods of their preparation to compliance with a certain regimen. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is very difficult to individually take into account all the complexities. …

You need to spend some energy on destruction — Knowing when you need to destroy to prosper

A construction expert using a grinder to curve timber for construction use.


Last year I wanted to start a bakery business. Since I have no expertise in baking or any form of cooking for that matter, I decided to do some consultations before embarking on the business.

My business partner and I approached a chef to find out more about the business…

Chances are you are not doing the things you need to do to succeed on Medium

For some people, writing is the easiest thing to do. It’s as if they were born specifically to write, and they enjoy doing it. However, others find writing to be a daunting exercise, even though they try to do it.

Medium provides one of the best platforms for writers. Writers…

The desperation, the struggle, the frustration — better focus on what you know

The year is 2015. I’ve just completed my undergraduate; four tedious years of difficult and somewhat inexplicable mathematical and physics concepts. Finally, nobody is going to ask me to derive those long equations. So, what next?

Friends and course mates are writing their CVs. They’ve decided... Oh, wait! …

Every time I answered, “I’m fine” I was lying

It was around 9:00 pm when I called her as usual. As it was our custom, we would start cracking jokes and laughing from the onset. This call was not an exception.

After about two minutes of constant laughing and joking, I asked, “so how are you today?” she hesitated…

The tricks and strategies I used

The COVID-19 pandemic has alerted people all over the world to the possibilities of working remotely and online. The need to work online has been necessitated by the increased closure of businesses, leading to a loss of jobs. …

Let us think together; an infant is born with almost no ability, albeit breathing. Slowly by design and help of the mother, it learns to feed on breast milk. It grows and develops with time to the point of making simple basic motions. Through continuous feeding and learning, growth and…

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